Activism means many different things to different people. It starts at home, in small ways. Recycling what you can, minimizing wastage where possible, buying products from environmentally responsible brands, and food from local farmers and markets. You may already be doing some of all of this, and feel the need to do more, but don't have the time nor know quite where to begin. We have started a number of programs to make it simple for any individual to get involved. By buying a product from Harvest you are giving back to the environment; For every product we sell we plant a tree, and we also donate 1% of all sales to organizations fighting to protect our planet.

Everyone making small changes each and every day will equal big changes for us all down the road. Our kids depend on us. Our planet depends on us.

Harvest has joined forces with American Forests to protect and restore forests in America and around the world.American forests is the nation's oldest non profit conservation agency.

American Forests has been an influential voice for conservation and the environment since its founding in 1875. They work with individuals, communities and policy makers to protect and restore forests around the world, and raise awareness of how important these ecosystems are to all forms of life on the planet.

Harvest has taken up this fight with them and will be planting a tree through American forests for every piece we sell. We also work closely with American Forests to help them raise awareness about the importance of these vital ecosystems and the need for preservation.


Protect the Ocean

Harvest donates 1% of total sales to organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans and waterways. Here are some links to a couple of our favorite's: