About Us

Sustainable Athletic Apparel

Since mankind took its first steps, it has depended on Mother Nature to provide its civilizations with large harvests of food and nutrients to sustain life. The earth was considered sacred.

Harvest's goal is to reconnect people with nature through our sports, clothing, and way of life; to encourage people to cultivate their inner athlete and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. Using primarily organic and sustainable fabrics, Harvest produces environmentally friendly clothing, minimizing our footprint on Mother Nature, while producing garments of the highest quality and style.

A large part of our company mission is to raise awareness about environmental issues and fight to protect our oceans and waterways, while educating people on how to live greener lifestyles.

It is up to this generation to protect and revitalize our planet. To that end, we will put our money where our mouth is: Harvest will donate 1% of total sales to organizations fighting for the environment.

The Harvest Lifestyle

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with earth's natural ecology. Harvest recognizes this symbiotic relationship, and the importance of consuming organic foods and utilizing sustainable products to improve both your personal health and the health of our planet. In consuming and utilizing these resources you are fueling your body with the healthiest choices, while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. This in turn creates the best overall health for humans and our planet. This philosophy drives the Harvest mantra and motivates us to continue to produce the most sustainable athletic apparel on the market to support your healthy lifestyle.

Harvest your life