• Unplug your phone, and plug back in to nature...

Unplug your phone, and plug back in to nature...

Time to unplug people. Turn that phone off for a couple hours and put your feet in the sand. Let the earth recharge your natural biology.

 We as humans have become so inundated with technology that we are moving into an almost transhuman state. Our brains work at lightning fast speed, or atleast as fast as we can type into the google search bar. Our phones have given us the ability to access any information known to man and communicate with people in the far corners of our planet in a mater of seconds.


Homo Sapiens are a species like all other animal species. We are a form of ape in fact, wether you like to believe that or not. So, We need to remember as we move forward in this technological era to continue balancing in our biology and our zoology. Human evolution can not keep up with the technical evolution. The more technology we apply to our lives, the more we throw our own lives out of its natural balance.


Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all this technology is bad. Quite the opposite, this technology is incredible and changing the world for the better from communication to medicine. Scientist are on the verge of huge medical breakthroughs in biotech and gene therapy that will extend lifetime expectancies by decades. Our phones and computers have given the world access to incredible amounts of information. International communication is at the highest and most efficient its ever been, literally making the world small.


The downside of all this technology is we have lost touch with nature and our natural biology. Wifi , TVs, computers, and artificial lighting surround us constantly, blasting us with Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) that our foreign to our natural biology. These are new technologies in our lives and they are sort of habituating in the same way that other addictive substances are like tobacco, drugs, etc. How else can we justify the sudden urges to check Instagram, or think about how you feel when you realize you don't have your phone on you, or the battery is low. Full on panic time!! OK, I admit it, I feel lost without my phone. I feel like I’m running around naked without it. I’m guilty of this too.  All those–things need to be moderated, right? Everything needs to be used in sort of moderation or else we abuse the tool, including our phones and computers.


What’s wrong with all these EMFs you ask? Well the full science on that is still out since these are relatively new technologies, but there is little doubt from the medical and scientific communities that EMF exposure is not healthy. Humans are adapted to the electromagnetic rhythms of our planet and the electromagnetic rhythms of our Wi-Fi routers and phones were not designed to be optimized with our biology. Our key organs, like the heart and brain, function on our natural electromagnetic rhythms. All of these organs function off very delicate electromagnetic rhythms. Introducing these foreign positively charged EMFs into our body throws off the natural balance of electromagnetic fields and changes our composition on a molecular level. When we talk about things that are toxic to us, almost always these are positively charged substances. And we wonder why in the face of modern medicine why diseases like cancer, autism, heart disease, diabetes, etc are on the rise. Maybe its because we have gotten so far away from our natural biology and natural zoology.

 So what can we do to let out our inner monkey and get back to our natural biology? Here’s a few ideas:

Turn your bedroom into a more natural “den”. Return to our zoology and give your body a safe, clean, natural shelter to sleep and recharge in overnight. At night, unplug your Wi-Fi.  When you go to sleep, I don’t see any reason to have that on and same thing with our phones, switch off or to airplane mode when we go to sleep so that we’re not receiving that constant bombardment of that electromagnetism. Sidenote; keep your phone out of your pocket. They were not designed to be kept inches from our privates. If you must keep the phone in your pocket get a piece of laminate that contains a silver mesh that blocks EMF.  You can put that in your pocket and your phone on the other side of that so there’s a barrier between your body, or your backpack or your purse wherever you carry that.  And that will still allow your phone to pick up signal on the other side away from your body.

 Now, back to recreating a habitat that is similar to the one we are biologically adapted to; take that TV out of your room and read a book. Get rid of as many electronics and EMFs as possible in your den. Note; the electromagnets that are in fans and other spinning devices are also guilty of emitting EMFs. Get yourself an EMF meter and just check out how many are floating around your home. A good one is the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter for 119$ on Amazon.

Once you can see these EMFs you can begin creating a more natural sleep den that is EMF free. Get your self a good negative ionizer and put it in your bedroom. By using good quality ionizers and by cleaning up our local atmosphere, We can start to recreate healthy habitat in our personal lives. Reading that book before bed will feed your brain, and falling asleep in your new EMF free fresh air den will rejuvenate your body. You will sleep better and deeper and wake up healthier and better rested. We are biologically adapted to the natural rhythms of the Earth, so we wanna try to maintain as much of that in our lives.

 Maybe the most important thing we can do is Earthing. Get outside and get back to nature. the things that are poisonous to us are electropositive. Grounding ourselves in the earth helps discharge those positive electrons. But, even more beneficial than the discharge that happens is the electrical up-charge that happens when we’re in contact with the earth. When we’re contact with the Earth we’re drawing electrons, free electrons, up from the earth into our cells. These are negatively charged electrons that absorb the toxic compounds our bodies are constantly absorbing. We need as many electrons as we can get into our body to fight those positively charged ions and build our immune systems, to stop free radical cascading.  So when we are earthing, truly earthing, we’re pulling free electrons into our body.  It’s basically like guzzling free antioxidants. 

 Think of it like if you’ve got an iPhone, you see what happens after a day of using that phone and not plugging it in, the battery dies. This is similar to us. Being barefoot on the earth is like plugging yourself in to an electrical outlet and recharging yourself. You’re recharging yourself with electricity in the form of these free electrons from mother earth.


Technology has created this virtual world we now live in. We are surrounded by EMFs, Wifi, cell phones, computers, artificial lighting, artificial air, artificial foods stuffed with HMO’s and pesticides. We’re living in a little virtual world we’ve created around our planet, and we didn’t stop and think about making that harmonious with our biology. So we’ve created something not dissimilar to a space station for ourselves.  We’ve become like aliens to our own planetary landscape.

 It’s really important that we try to harmonize our environment with nature as much as we can and that’s not just on the electromagnetic level, that’s on the atmospheric level, that’s on the nutritional level, that’s on the hydrological level.  We wanna make sure everything that we’re putting into our bodies and bringing into our homes is compatible with our biology and if we’re not doing that; all the kind of latest fanciest health trends aren’t really gonna help us if we’re fundamentally battling our biology at the basic level on our own homes. So get outside, unplug from your electronics and plug back into the earth, and get back to your natural biology.


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    Jason Moriarty