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New Year's Resolutions Harvest style...


by Alex Curtis

Even though the holidays are over, 2015 is here; there is still the hustle and bustle of holiday stress.  Traveling back home, work starts up again and don’t forget that massive pile of returns you need to make.  (Why does Aunt Carol still send the worst holiday sweaters?!)  
With the start of the New Year, new intentions, new goals, make it a point to focus on you.  Give yourself time to relax, breath in fresh air, be active, get outside, and unplug from technology.  It is important to find your own personal outlet to escape the daily stresses of every day life.  Here are a few ways that you can focus on you and let go of the world, for a little while at least.  Give one or more a shot and see what resonates with you, make it your own.

Start a meditation practice.
    There are many benefits to meditation, whether it is on your own or using a guided meditation you find online.  As long as you are calm, quiet, and breathing, you can escape from your thoughts.  Not only does meditation release accumulated stress you are holding onto, it also prevents stress from getting into your system.  So grab a comfy pillow, find a seat, silence or music, find your breath and let go.

 Pick up an outdoor activity.

Depending on where you live and what type of outdoors is available to you, find an activity that works.  If you have mountains find a new spot to hike.  If you live by the beach start some intense sand workouts or take walks along the water.  Even just taking a walk through a park or biking around your neighborhood, you will absorb the benefits of being outdoors (hello Vitamin D).  Whatever you choose to do, leave your phone at home, make this time about you, take a deep breath and feel the fresh air fill your lungs, appreciate your life.  

Make time to read.
    Everyone has that growing list of books that have been recommended by friends, they hear about on TV or see as they pass by the bookstore.  This year make a commitment to yourself to read more.  Whether you sit outside, in your bed, on your couch, pick up a book and escape, escape from your mind and sink into a story.  

Learn how to cook.
    There is something very calming and peaceful about chopping vegetables and preparing meals.  Not only are you taking the time for yourself, you are also making something that will nourish your body (hopefully).  Start by picking a few of your favorite dishes, hit your local grocery store, dust off that apron and make a culinary masterpiece!  Having these moments for you in the kitchen is a great outlet to rid stress and negative thoughts.  How can you be unhappy when you are about to give your taste buds such a pleasant experience?  

Moral of this story, don’t just use the New Year to set unrealistic resolutions that merely look good on paper, rather start off 2015 for YOU.  When you are free of stress and worries, it creates a better environment for everyone around you.  Find your outlet and make it a habit to find time for you and love every moment of it. 


Our friend Alex Curtis is a wellness coach and teacher at Corepower Yoga. Follow her blog at http://www.alexcurtiswellness.com/

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